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The Blues Man

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Habits Old And New by Hank Williams Jr

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The Blues Man
								I'm just a singer

A natural born guitar ringer

Kind of an old clinger

To sad old songs

I'm not a walk behinder

I'm a new note finder

But my names a reminder

Of a blues man thats already gone

So I started drinkin

And took things that messed up my thinkin'

I was sure sinkin'

When you came along

I was alone in the hotlight

Not too much left in sight

But she changed all that in one night

When she sang me this song

"Hey baby, I love you

Hey baby, I need you

Hey baby , you ain't gotta prove to me your some kind of macho man

You wasted so much of your life

Runnin through the dark night

Let me shine some love light

Down on a blues man"

I got so sick of speed

And all the stuff they said I was needin

If I was to keep pleasin to all of my fans

I got cuffed on dirt roads

I got sued for no-shows

But you came and took all that old load down on this blues man

"Hey baby, I love you too

Hey baby, I need you

Hey baby, I do get tired of this travelin band

I'm thirty years old now

Nights would be cold now

If you wouldn't have stuck it out

With this blues man"

I'm thirty years old now

Night sure would be cold now

If you hadn't stuck it out

with this blues man

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