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Jet Black And Jealous by Eli Young Band

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Radio Waves
								Well baby since I met you, I'v enever been the same
There's never been a woman make me feel this way
And I know days are harder, and I know things have changed
But baby goodbye you know I just can't say

Where'd all the love go
I need you to know
I'm singing out ot you
Tell me there's something I can do

Radio waves, can you hear me singin out
I've got something to say
Can't you hear I need you now
I'm calling on the two of usso we can be saved
Listen to my radio waves

Clear across the city, you're lyin in your bed
Here I am regretting every word unsaid
THe only way I know to help you understand
Is say what's going on the only way I can

Broadcast over FM
Here we are again
I'm singing out to you
Tell me there's something we can do

Repeat Chorus Twice:

Listen to my Radio Waves

Love on the radio, Love on the radio
Love on the radio, Love on the radio
Love on the radio, Love on the radio





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